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Who we are

The International Bureau of Business & People Development (BPDI Bureau) is an ambitious venture launched by a group of top corporate professionals with the objective of helping businesses and people who aspire to develop and contribute to the growth of Sri Lankan economy.

As the Sri Lankan economy stands at a turning point today, the country requires businesses and entrepreneurs who can excel both locally and globally harness the country’s quality human capital, business exposition and unique geographical location that positions us as a regional trading hub.

Consist of a group of professionals specialising in a diverse range of fields and professions including investment, trade, marketing, finance and law, the BPDI Bureau is well positioned to catalyse the growth of the businesses & people in creating an overall national development.

In a developing economy, small and medium enterprises requires continuous and committed support in key business areas such as marketing, investment, fund raising, tax regulations, finance management, corporate law and a sound knowledge in practical management methods.

Although SMEs play an important role in sustaining a steady economic growth of a country, Sri Lanka offers scarce support to SME and entrepreneurs within the present structure, making them struggle every day for the right direction, support and knowledge.

The key objectives of International Bureau of Business & People Development are:

  • Supporting and empowering people in Sri Lanka and around the world, by promoting opportunities for effective education, vocational training, professional advice and employment to achieve a life of economic independence and prosperity.

  • Supporting and empowering local and international businesses to successfully operate, promote and expand their businesses into new markets, by providing consultancy & management services on all business related operations.

  • Creating connections and partnership between organisations and individuals to enhance technical and investment capacity.

  • Capacity building of Sri Lankan entrepreneurs with special attention to small and medium holders.

  • Improving access to Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and e-learning to broaden the scope of IT knowledge among Sri Lankan business and SME community.

  • To represent Sri Lanka in global business forums and to act as an agent to reputed international organizations.

With a view to provide its members with beneficial support, business expertise and connections, the BPDI Bureau has brought together a group of local and internationally renowned, capable & experienced professionals, entrepreneurs and organizations under one umbrella, to create a platform which enhance and advocates the benefit of businesses and entrepreneurs worldwide.

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