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SME & Entrepreneur Support

International Bureau of Business and People Development (BPDI Bureau) believes that a guiding hand is all it needs to change the destiny of a hard-working small or a medium Enterprise holder. Therefore, we provide a special service in supporting small and medium enterprises and individual entrepreneurs, locally and globally.

Performing as a single destination for all their business requirements, the BPDI Bureau offers an array of services and information including:

  • Local and international market intelligence
  • Trading opportunities
  • Consultation on taxation, financial management and legal requirements
  • Guidance for identifying and approaching potential business partners across the world

We help SMEs and Individual entrepreneurs find international business, technology and research partners aiding each of them to develop into a strong global presence.

People Development

A commitment to developing people is at the very heart of our organisation. We believe that the ever-changing global business environment requires a continuous investment of time, resources and effort in developing people and professionals.

Moreover providing your employees with an opportunity to enhance their professional qualifications and career skills leads to high employee satisfaction and retention.

With a view to promote people and skill development among its members, BPDI Bureau offer a series of programmes designed to assess, develop and guide business professionals and entrepreneurs including:

  • Professional education in IT, management and marketing
  • Career competencies to survive the corporate world
  • Personality Development for life and career success

The International Bureau of Business and People Development has the necessary knowledge, skills and resources to provide organisations and individuals with new professional and personal skills and motivation to drive their corporate, career and life success forward.

Create a Business Nexus

Making connections and building long-lasting mutually beneficial relationships is the single most powerful marketing tactic to accelerate and sustain success. A good network of business friends and contacts is crucial to succeeding as an individual, thrive in your industry and have fun in your career. Moreover, a strong network of global businesses, trade organisations and entrepreneurs can also create an ideal platform for advocacy for policy and regulations that are beneficial to the growth of investment and trade.

We, at BPDI Bureau take a special interest in creating a nexus of business, trade and professional individuals and organisation from around the world to drive mutual growth and create a regular dialogue.

We also provide an online directory service for our members and non-members to list their products and services.

Business Vocational Training

Continuous development of trade and business-related vocational and portable skills is an essential in today's world.

Development of vocational skills helps individuals and businesses keep pace with the changing technologies of their chosen field and help them adopt new methods and instruments. In assisting your attempts of keeping abreast of new skills and technologies the International Bureau of Business and People Development (BPDI Bureau) provides continuous assistance in business vocational training by holding workshops and seminars, etc. for members on cutting edge technologies and essential skills.

Whether you are looking for a career oriented global qualification or a specialised vocational skill, BPDI bureau has the right expertise to deliver you with a training plan that suits your requirements.

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